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The 10 Best Power Foods for Women

No matter your age, you can benefit from these foods!

Parmesan cheese for strengthening bones: Calcium is key for preventing osteoporosis (especially in your 20s). Yogurt and nonfat milk help, but who wants them three times a day? Work Parmesan cheese into your diet; its 340 mg of calcium per ounce – compared to about 200 mg in cheddar or Swiss – goes a long way toward your 1000 mg/day quota.

Apples boost your immune system: Smart and sweet, apples are rich in quercetin, an antioxidant that can bolster your body’s disease-fighting abilities. Continue reading


Sunday’s in Berlin

Travel Lady with Baby

Sunday’s across Europe = massive shutdown. In some cities, not even the markets or museums are open. In Berlin however, we spent Sunday’s finding hilarity, and fun.

Just a blue/plastic robot in the middle of Berlin on a Sunday. This kept a toddler highly amused. He had plastic bottles all over him.

Just an actor pretending to be a guard, 3 hours, and no one talked to him except for us. He was a little lonely, we brought him water.

Cycling around a city and drinking beer – pretty good competitive sport in Berlin! No, you can’t do this with a child, but it is hilarious to watch.

A parade outside our window. We asked, but no one knew what it was for.

Check point Charlie is always open, and is one of the best places to go on a Sunday.

Have a great day,

Travel Lady with Baby


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Georgia About

In his book, “Seven League Boots”, published in 1935, Richard Halliburton described a curious event that occurred in Tbilisi in 1915.

On page 162, in the chapter ‘The Last of the Crusaders’ Halliburton wrote:

“In the spring of 1915, some months after Russia’s declaration of war against Turkey, a band of twelfth-century Crusaders, covered from head to foot in rusty chain armour and carrying shields and broad-swords came riding on horseback down the main avenue of Tiflis [Tbilisi]. People’s eyes almost popped out of their heads. Obviously this was no cinema company going on location. These were Crusaders – or their ghosts.

The incredible troop clanked up to the governor’s palace. ‘Where’s the war?’ They asked. ‘We hear there’s a war’.

They had heard in April 1915 that there was a war. It had been declared in September 1914. The news took seven months to reach the last of the…

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Best Job in the World by P&G

Scheming with @om and @narendra